Unbridled – Episode 1

Meet Jan Brink, Marina Mattsson & Mathilde Hannell in Unbridled today

Join us from Falsterbo in today’s Unbridled Show. Amongst the cele-B guests are Jan Brink, Marina Mattsson & Mathilde Hannell – they are just back from France and the European Championships where Marina won not less than 3 Bronze medals to talk about how to prepare and perform.

You can also meet Patrik Kittel & Lyndal Oatley to a talk about companionship and being competitors. Last but not least, join us for the conversation about personal performance coaching with Rasmus Bagger.

Would you wan’t to know more about how Jan Brink prepares his student’s for the big performances, please also enjoy this prior interview from CDI*3 JBK Odense with Jan Brink about how he prepares his Plantskola members for the big championships…

You will enjoy your sojourn in the field www.essay4today.com/ of philosophy

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